What does ReviewSensor do?

ReviewSensor helps small businesses to manage their online review on Google or any other social media sites. Application will help businesses to get reviews from their customers and other business partners, identify their behaviors, and communicate to responsible people in businesses. This will help to maintain good reviews with maximum stars. Another benefit, business owners will be notified immediately when getting new reviews. This will help them to understand how their business is performing and able to keep track and take look to improve their products and service.

What are the features of ReviewSensor?

Every business is having different situations with their products, services and depends on their location and area of services they provide. If any businesses keep getting low ratings online which damage their business revenue then we can help them improve their online presence to manage certain odd situations.

  • ReviewSensor also provides Social Media marketing features which will help businesses to keep exploring new business opportunities.
  • ReviewSensor is also offering to maintain groups and lists of customers. Businesses will be able to send any promotional offers and discounts to their customers to keep bringing back to their doorsteps./li>

Can I get new Reviews?

Yes. You can get new reviews as per your requirements. Please select options to buy additional services and select the numbers of reviews. It will direct you to the next step of the process. If you get any confusion then please contact customer services representatives (CSR). New reviews will update to online on a weekly basis or as per your requirements.

Will my Account be secure?

Yes. All businesses accounts will be 100% secure. We never share any information with anyone and ReviewSensor is using a high level of security features to keep data privacy. We comply with all states' consumer privacy acts.

How can I get the promotional offers and coupon code?

Chat or Call to customer service representatives (CSR) to get promotional offers and coupon codes if they are available.

Business can have money back guarantee?

We are committed to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers with the services they are paying for. We definitely refund the money for the period of time which is not used after subscription. Customers are highly satisfied with the products and services that we provide.

Can I buy products and services for multiple Businesses?

Yes. Anyone can buy products and services for multiple businesses if they own. More businesses will get more discounts automatically offered in pricing.

How can I manage different services and payments?

All separate tabs available for buying of different services. You will get invoice / receipts in email with order, description of purchase and reference number of payments which will give all information in detail that you have paid for what services with start and end dates. You can also review 24 months statements anytime upon your login.

How do I pay for the charges of services which I am buying?

You can pay online using Credit or Debit cards from anywhere on the globe. We also accept checks. NO cash transactions. For the outside US transactions, our payment gateway will automatically adjust the exchange rates whatever will be applicable.

Can I subscribe for businesses outside of North America?

Yes. Our products and services can work for any region and countries on globe. We have options to select countries and regions.

Are you taking payments in any currency?

Yes. Our online payment system will automatically convert the charges into USD with exchange rates.

What should I do after creating an online account?

We have created very easy and simple steps to set up your profile, businesses and employees. After login it will be very easy to find tabs and options to follow directions. You can also chat, call or email a customer service representative if any confusion happens.

Where should I contact if I am running any issues?

You can contact to customer services representatives (CSR) online via chat between Monday to Friday, 7.00 am to 7.00 pm, Central Time Zone of North America OR you can also contact us via phone: +1 469 844 7065 and you can communication via email: info@ReviewSensor.com